Important Message: Due to high demand and limited manufacturing capacity, Schrocks of
Walnut Creek will no longer be accepting new orders for custom furniture or sewing cabinets.

Schrocks of Walnut Creek
Wood Carving Composite 1200 Wide
Add Special Design Elements

Embellished moldings and architectural woodcarvings can enhance to looks of your cabinetry with added detail. Schrocks of Walnut Creek utilizes several unique suppliers of decorative corbels, capitals, moldings, corner posts, island posts, mantels, appliqués, rosettes, custom woodcarvings, and other decorative architectural components.

You can visit our supplier websites below for ideas, and we can work with you to help select the finishing touches to your unique cabinetry design.

Art For Everyday
Art For Everyday

Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf Forest Products

White River
White River