Important Message: Due to high demand and limited manufacturing capacity, Schrocks of
Walnut Creek will no longer be accepting new orders for custom furniture or sewing cabinets.

Schrocks of Walnut Creek

What is a Modern Kitchen?

In our 100 years of woodworking, we've seen great changes in the way kitchens were built and used. Our first kitchens consisted of a few free-standing furniture pieces arranged around a sink and stove. In the 1960's, the modern kitchen came to mean built-in cabinets and sprawling countertops. More recently, the open concept blurred the lines between kitchen and living room. The typical kitchen gained an island and built-in appliances. "Modern kitchen" has never meant the same thing for long.

Schrocks of Walnut Creek has been there all along, evolving constantly to meet the needs of the modern homeowner. Today, the kitchen has undeniably become the center of the home—a landing spot, a place for homework, a hub for entertaining. Visual impact, tactile finishes, and ingenious storage systems define the ideal kitchen. Schrocks offers you the chance to build these elements into a product that will last longer than any trend.